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If you’re looking to improve your smile and replace missing teeth, you should consider CEREC same day crowns. CEREC Crowns offer some huge benefits beyond their great appearance. Many people consider that getting a crown is a time-consuming process that requires multiple dentist office visits, but due to modern dentistry, it doesn’t have to be that way.


We’ve broken down some of the most significant advantages of CEREC crowns so you can see if they might be a good “fit” for you!


CEREC Crowns are Convenient – Many crowns take at least two visits before you can be fitted, and if there are any issues, there can be even more than that. These visits take time to schedule, travel to, and sit in a waiting room. CEREC crowns offer the convenience of completing the entire process in a single visit. That means one trip to the office, and you’ll leave that day with great looking and feeling dental crowns.


CEREC Offers Speed for Simple Restorations – Many patients that have simple dental issues opts not to get their teeth fixed because it is so time-consuming. Instead, they feel that they can just deal with the side effects of their cracked tooth. Unfortunately, this can lead to even more severe issues down the road. CEREC offers the convenience of being able to fix these issues quickly and efficiently, so patients are more likely to tackle issues when they are smaller.


CEREC Can Help Preserve Your Natural Tooth – The CEREC same day crowns don’t have to remove as much of the existing tooth as traditional crowns. This means that you can keep more of your natural tooth. It also means that the dentist doesn’t need to do as much drilling in the office, a fact that many patients appreciate!


There is No Need for Temporary Crowns – When patients opt for traditional crowns, the tooth is prepared, and then the information for the permanent crown is sent to a lab. While you wait for your permanent crown to be fabricated, you will be fitted with a temporary crown. Many patients don’t like the fit or feel of temporary crowns. CEREC crowns are manufactured for you right when you need them, so you’ll leave that day with your permanent crown.


No Messy Dental Impressions – The traditional crown approach requires dental impressions so that your permanent crown can be designed to fit into the space provided. CEREC technologies utilize digital imaging and measurements so that you don’t have to try to make impressions of your teeth with messy impression material.


CEREC Crowns are FAST – The CEREC process is specifically designed to take just a single visit. After your tooth has been prepared and imaged, the digital imaging is put into the machine that is in the office. The machine will immediately begin preparing it, and as soon as it is complete, it can be placed in your mouth. This is a major advantage over other crowns that require more work, more time, and more appointments. CEREC helps get you out the door and living more life!


CEREC Crowns look like real teeth – After you’ve received your CEREC crowns, it’s likely that many people won’t ever know that you’ve had a crown and that those aren’t your natural teeth! CEREC crowns are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth, so after a few weeks, you may forget that they aren’t your natural teeth too!



If you need to repair or restore a damaged tooth, talk to our dentist about CEREC crowns. They offer even more benefits than traditional crowns and will reduce the time that you must spend in the dentist’s office. Contact us today and schedule an appointment today to see if CEREC crowns are an option for you.