IV Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Manteca, CA

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Being scared of the dentist isn’t a new complaint. Countless U.S. citizens avoid visiting their dental practice every year, causing them unnecessary and progressive dental problems. Often, by the time they can no longer avoid seeking help, considerable and permanent damage has been done to their teeth and oral health. However, it isn’t just adults that are affected by dental phobia. Many children are also frightened of the dentist. Often this is either an inherited fear or simply a fear of the unknown.

As a parent, seeing your child scared or upset can be heart-breaking. However, when it comes to dental care, you know that as much as putting them through an appointment might be a daunting or frightening prospect for them, it is also the very best thing for their oral health. If your kid doesn’t receive the appropriate treatment, he could suffer from all manner of different problems including unnecessary pain and suffering, potential tooth loss and gum disease, the latter of which can put him at risk of further general health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and more. The sooner a dental problem is dealt with, the less invasive the treatment needed is likely to be.

Not only do you want to prevent your child from being scared during a particular dental appointment, but you also want to make sure that that they are never again frightened at the prospect of any dental appointment ever. One of the best ways to enable a child with dental phobia to tolerate a dental appointment is through a service known as IV Sedation. We are pleased to be able to offer this service at our dentistry practice here in Manteca, CA.

What is IV sedation?

As the name suggests, IV sedation is a type of therapy that involves sedative medication that is delivered intravenously into a vein in the body. In the case of children, this is usually through a vein the back of their hand. Their hand will first be numbed using special cream before the needle is placed into the vein. In addition to just sedative, a combination of anesthetic and analgesic will also be included in the solution that is administered to your child.

The effects of IV sedation are fairly strong. Your child will feel extremely relaxed and content, with very little awareness of what is happening around him. He may even feel sleepy and could doze during the procedure. However, this is not the same as a general anesthetic and he could still be woken if needed. Throughout the procedure, our anesthesiology team will closely monitor your child’s response to the sedation. This includes his vital signs – his breathing, oxygen level, and heart rate. If there were any concerns, the sedation would be immediately withdrawn, and your child bought around.

The effects of IV sedation can last for a short while after the procedure, and your child may seem confused and disorientated for a number of hours. However, it also has an amnesiac effect in that your kid will have little or no memory of what has happened. This makes the entire process more tolerable and will help ensure that your child doesn’t have any traumatic recollections that could affect future appointments.

Is IV sedation safe?

Many adults have concerns about IV sedation for themselves, never mind for their children. However, our anesthesiology team have completed a high level of training and have extensive experience in administering sedation in patients of all ages, including children. Ahead of being approved for sedation, a thorough assessment of your child’s health will be carried out to check his suitability. He will be monitored throughout the process and you will be given all of the aftercare support that you need until you are discharged to go home.

IV sedation can ensure that your fearful child can get the dental care that he needs. If you would like to learn more about IV sedation for kids with dental phobias, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our experienced dental team at our Manteca, CA dental offices.